Nintendo Wins At E3

First of all, there’s the 3DS. It’s pretty much what everyone expected, that being a new DS with a 3D screen. But it also has a 3D camera, an analogue “slider” and graphics processing/rendering capabilities of at least GameCube-quality (see: Metal Gear Solid 3D) and some games that look even better than most third-party Wii titles (see: Resident Evil: Revelations).


Other 3DS games include Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Street Fighter IV 3D, proving that Capcom is always full of shit when they claim that they won’t release any more versions of a Street Fighter game.

There’s even a new Ridge Racer game in development, which means that Kazuo Hirai must be crying softly to himself somewhere. I’m actually surprised that Nintendo didn’t take the opportunity to take any jabs at Sony here, considering they’re normally three years behind the times anyway.

And then there were a bunch of Wii games, like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Stupid subtitles aside, it looks good. I actually preferred The Wind Waker’s style overTwilight Princess, so the watercolour graphics look just fine to me. But I care more about Metroid: Other M anyway.

Other Wii games of note: Kirby’s Epic Yarn, which is the coolest yarn-based platformer I’ve seen in ages; Retro’s new game, Donkey Kong Country Returns, where Diddy Kong completes his Jedi training and learns that King K. Rool is his father; and GoldenEye 007, but nobody cares about that.

Considering the best that Microsoft and Sony had to show were motion controls (now five years behind the curve) and Sony’s $49.99/annum online service, I’d say Nintendo can have this year’s show.

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